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"Vera is caring, passionate and kind, besides the prompt pick up of the placenta and delivery of the capsules and other products that suited our needs and customization. Best choice we made for letting Vera help us on the birthing journey."
"Mira is in one word EXTRAORDINARY!!!! She is an amazing, compassionate, loving, caring, intelligent, talented and beautiful woman, mother, friend and doula. I am so blessed to have had Mira assist me on my journey through pregnancy, post partum and now through the early stages of motherhood. Mira and her business partner Vera were and are a huge support to myself and baby girl Shaye. I met them during a very stressful time during my life. Newly becoming a single Mom while pregnant. Mira was so supportive from the beginning and completely non-judgemental. She became a rock for me and I drew from her strength and knowledge. Once my little one came into this world Mira helped me to breast feed. Due to her patience, kindness and wisdom my daughter and I are still happily breastfeeding. She had so many wondeful tips/tricks that she so openly passed on with care and without pressure. Mira also helped us to cloth diaper which we are also still doing today. Post partum is a very special time. It can also be very sensitive one and was for myself. Mira was truly there for my daughter and I. I am so grateful for her. I would recommend Mira and her buisness partner Vera to all mothers and families. "
"We hired Vera based on recommendation and getting to know her practice and approach by attending some of the great workshops that she facilitates. My husband and I are beyond grateful for the amazing birth prep and labour experience that she helped us to create. She was an amazing part of our birth team and from our perspective she went above and beyond in every way. She is highly knowledgeable in her practice, and the best part is there was never a question that seemed strange or silly with her. She was happy to answer, address or direct us to a resource as needed. Did I say she is amazing already? I will say it 100 times more. Since you are already looking to hire a doula, you are definitely on the right path. Next tip would be to hire Vera!"
"I wanted to share my experience with Mira because I want other mothers to know how truly amazing she is. I am an older Mom, pregnant at 42 years old and had a lot of fears. Mira was there from the absolute get go with wisdom and support. Before having a baby, she was there 100 percent. In my third trimester I had preterm labour and she was there immediately. Calm, loving, SURE. I was never afraid with her by my side. Later I developed preeclampsia and had to induce labour and she was there, again so unbelievably calm. I will never forget the wonderful peaceful and sure energy she brought to me that day. Afterwards, she was STILL there. Helping with breastfeeding and ever single question I had. I can not recommend Mira more to any Mother. She is truly extraordinary and made my birth experience beautiful and powerful. From the bottom of my heart, when your biggest moment arrives. No matter how or where it arrives, This a woman you want by your side. "