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About Vera

Caring and compassionate: Vera is able to provide strong support for parents-to-be.

Vera is peaceful and natural in a variety of birthing environments. She has been around babies and new mothers for upwards of 10 years and absorbing mother wisdom from very powerful women. A great fit for mature mothers, single women and alternative family structures.


Being a mother to two pre-teen kids and caregiver to rambuncious kittens keeps Vera fit and active. She enjoys many back-to-basic endeavours like canning and harvesting. And an avid cyclist of course!

Years of experience working in busy places gives Mira an ethereal calm in any crowd, a calmness that has brought ease to anxious mothers. Great at managing situations, she will help to create the environment you want for your birth in the gentlest of ways. 

Mira is a mom to two precious babies born at home with midwives. Mira is physically active on a co-ed dodgeball team and a softball team. 


About Mira

Knowledgeable and personable: Mira has a knack for calming high-stress environments. 

We are professional, fun-loving CAPPA Certified Labour Doulas working in Downtown Toronto. As doulas, we are specially trained to provide information, physical comfort and emotional peace of mind to parents prenatally, during labour & birth and in the immediate postpartum period.

We are additionally trained to provide support for Hypno-Birthing parents, robozo technique, and accupressure techniques for labour.
We are also birth educators! We specialise in lactation and childbirth education and offer regular workshops on various birth and parenting related topics.